Tagless Printing

Tagless Printing

Textile/Apparel 4Engineered Printing Solutions has worked with numerous apparel manufacturers (including non-profits) of T-shirts, underwear, and lingerie in developing tagless operations to identify brands, sizes, and care labels. The elimination of sewn-in tags, a more comfortable ‘feel’, additional branding and short run capabilities by way of custom automation are all reasons tagless printing is growing and here to stay.

The Advantages of Going Tagless

    • Lower cost than other types of decorating with price per printed label averaging $.002
  • Can print one color on top of another, no post-curing time required
  • Eliminates purchase of labels from outside source
  • No sewn tags to irritate or rub against skin
  • Inks have passed major manufacturers’ wash test requirements
  • Tagless often advertised as premium feature
  • Easy customization and design changes
  • No waste by having to pre-stock labels with possible leftovers.


Our expert teams of engineers and technicians have been involved in the development of “tagless” pad printing for over ten years. We have several pad printers to choose from depending on the size of your image, number of colors and printing volume.

Textile/Apparel 6Tagless Pad Printing Machines

  • The KP06 – 2Color “RR” or pad shuttle function allows the part to remain stationary as the pads shuttle back and forth for high quality print registration. Available with two 110mm sealed ink cups and a production rate of ± 600 -700 pcs/hr.
  • EAZY Series – available with a 90 / 130 or Eazy 160 Pad Printer sealed ink cup. Production rate at 1200 pcs/hr.
  • The KP05 can be configured as a one or two color printer, tabletop or with an extruded stand, plus other accessories that include a garment rack and a textile anvil. One color printer includes a 90mm sealed cup or two color with two 70mm sealed cups.

Support and Training

We offer a complete turnkey solution with operator training on-site or at our facility. With the proper equipment, consumables, training and support, pad printing can be an easy process. Other full services include: plate making, custom color mixing, graphics department and a Technical Support staff to help you with any questions you may have.

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