Industrial Inkjet Printers & Pad Printing Machines

Industrial Printers

We offer a range of fully-automated industrial inkjet printers and pad print machines.  We also design and build machines that have been completely customized, using the latest in digital inkjet technology and automation to meet our customers’ needs.

Robotics & Automation

We continue to place our focus strongly on robotics and automation.
Whether digital inkjet printing or pad printing, we’re taking industrial decoration to new levels
through vision systems, automation and advanced engineering.

Customer Partnership

The EPS Sales & Engineering teams partner with their customers to ensure success.  We plan and collaborate with you to create a machine that satisfies your requirements 100%.  Then we guide you through setup and training with world-class support.

Providing Solutions

We partner with you to build custom solutions regardless of industry.   We’ve been doing this for decades, for companies from the medical industry, the automotive sector, toy manufacturers, cosmetics, and so much more.

Technical Support

At Engineered Printing Solutions, we will always go above and beyond to provide you with “hands-on” technical support, with your issue addressed and resolved as if we were sitting right next to you, with remote-assistance technology far beyond traditional phone support.


From inks and additives to printing plates, sealed ink cups, storage containers, and more, EPS has a full inventory of consumable products to keep you and your business running and thriving without interruption. We’re there when you need us!

Julian Joffe, President of Engineered Printing Solutions“Our job is to take your idea from nascent beginning to full realization. We offer a full line of pad printing equipment-from tabletop models to sophisticated fully automated printers. We also design and build specialized machines to fit whatever unique application you can dream up.”

— Julian Joffe, Founder & CEO

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How It Works

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Engineered Printing Solutions was founded in 1985. The founder’s original vision for the company focused on attaining perfection in Customer Service and Satisfaction. In the quest for that goal, we are driven to become partners with our customers to create machines that satisfy their requirements 100%.