Tech Tip Tuesday: I Am A “New Guy” That Has Plans To Do In House Pad Printing

I am a “new guy” that has plans to do in house pad printing.

I know a closed system is the best for me and in general. I plan to do small amount lots of 250 to 500 printing at a time, as low as 50 at a time. Working with my budget, is is possible to be a multi-color printing one color at a time? To explain a little more: print one color, then print another color on the same piece.

Certainly, it is possible to do short run multi-color printing with a single-color printer provided the following:

1) Your product must have some part that is shaped in such a way to allow it to be used as a point of consistent registration and re-registration.

2) The fixture (or nest) is made in such a way to provide tight and consistent registration on the product. This is usually achieved by making a mold from the actual parts to be printed.

3) The entire lot of product is consistent in shape and the position of the point of registration is also consistent.

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