Print on Tools & Parts

Print on Tools & Parts

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Engineered Printing Solutions can custom engineer an industrial pad printing and digital inkjet solution that will print on challenging irregular surfaces and substrates.

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The versatility and adaptability of our custom solutions is attracting more injection molders and contract manufacturers to integrating digital printers in the production line. In some instances specialized fixture development and automation is utilized within part load and/or offloading to overcome the loss of productivity resulting from excessive handling.

Power Tools 3Analogue pad printing also offers several automation options. Adding a rotary table with auto off-load can greatly increase production time. The new generation of pad printers can store the print parameters of a virtually unlimited number of print jobs, eliminating the need for pad printer at every assembly line.

Another solution is the four-axis SCARA (Selective Compliant Articulated Robot Arm). The XE-Robot can be programmed to select from a number of pads of different shapes and sizes and pick up inked images from multiple clichés, each with its own ink cup. The addition of a rotating fixture makes printing on multiple sides of multi-angled parts achievable.

There are also Servo-driven pad printers which can be added to existing mold manufacturer’s production lines as a separate print cell.

The XD070 multicolor industrial inkjet printer has variable image data capabilities for digital printing barcodes and serial numbers.Continuous multicolor printing in a single pass.  Advantages:

  • Product height and width application dependent
  • Drop-on-demand InstaCure UV ink
  • Fine lines and details at 14″ per second
  • Automatic parts handling, pretreatment and vision systems options available.
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Industrial ink jet printers integrate well with SKU programs to automate print jobs. An operator is able to leverage the main user interface of our industrial inkjet printers to scan barcodes from manufacturing order slips as they are generated.

  • The barcode scanner will scan and read the information on the barcode and use that information to automatically find and load a print job.
  • The system then automatically configures itself to load and print an entire range of parts that differ in diameter and thicknesses.

Both software and hardware can be configured to meet customers’ specific requirements

Learn more about our advanced tool and part printing capabilities.

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