Print on Household Appliances

Print on Household Appliances

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Appliances 3When faced with a large-format print job, most printers will choose between digital and a silk screen process. Both methods are well-established alternatives if the substrate is flat and images are composed of large areas of background color. Unfortunately both of these alternative methods are less effective if the substrate is rough or is three-dimensional in shape.For dials and other appliance parts, we have elliptical and/or rotary tables with multiple stations. These machines can be customized to your requirements and production needs. 

Servo-driven Pad Printers

Pad printing machines have advanced over time to include servo-driven systems that direct pad travel and part movement precisely along the X and Y axes for accurate placement and alignment of images.Pad printers can also be configured with a row of independent pads allowing additional flexibility for image placement. A linear shuttle conveyance system moves the part and the cliché which can be etched with multiple images to complete the printing process in one pass. (KE16 is shown with independent pads and linear shuttle)

CNC Printing Centers

Appliances 5Systems like the XE-Tech shown here are fully automatic, computerized gantry-based pad printing centers. The system is controlled by a PC with highly sophisticated software that can be programmed to accommodate several printing points
  • The printer can choose between four different pads and six sealed ink cups to print each print point.
  • One printer designed to solve the needs of multiple surface printing, colors and pads that were previous managed by many units.
  • Can accommodate large panels up to 1 meter x 1/2 meter.

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