KE06 Pad Printing Machine

Getting Started With Secure Pharmaceutical Packaging

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You know there’s a threat to your brand, and you know you need to take action.  Crucial revenues are being lost each day, and your corporate reputation is at risk.  If you are in the pharmaceutical or medical device space, you know that Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) compliance is on the near term […]

Tech Tip Tuesdays: Frequently Asked Pad Printing Pad Questions?

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How long should my pad printing pad last? Depending on how “rugged” a surface you’re printing on, a pad should last between 50,000 and 100,000 impressions. Improper use, careless machine operation or stray grit however, can decrease the pad’s life. What should i watch for when I’m pad printing? Make sure your substrate is free […]

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Servo-driven pad printer vs. pneumatic pad printer

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There are two primary reasons why a client would opt for a servo-driven pad printer over a pneumatic one: Speed & Flexibility Speed is pretty simple to grasp – shorter strokes, faster movements – all lend themselves to higher productivity, especially when it comes to fully automated machines. Flexibility is gained when a client has many different […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Symptoms of Having Chosen the Incorrect Pad Printing Pad

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The pad is one of the most important elements in the pad printing process. The correct choice is essential in obtaining good final print results. Symptoms of having chosen the incorrect pad printing pad: Pin holing (pad too soft or too shallow), Image distortion, Incomplete transfer (in particular near the peak of the pad), Inability […]

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Tech Tip Tuesday: What Happens If Your Plate Is Not Etched Properly?

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Although a fairly straightforward process, there are a number of things that can affect the pad print process if your plate is not etched properly. Common complaints range from edge definition to ink transfer issues.  Improperly etched clichés can allow for inconsistent image opacity or even missing portions of the images in certain circumstances. Some keys […]

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Tech Tip Tuesday: How Do You Achieve Good Color Matching With InkJet Printing?

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Good color matching can best be achieved through the use of color profiling software. This software allows for the creation of color profiles which capture the bias imposed by the substrate color and porosity, print resolution, as well as ink set limitations on printable color gamut. A color profile is generated by printing an “objective” […]

The EAZY 160 Pad Printing Machine

Tech Tip Tuesday: Incorrect Pad Printing Ink Amounts

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Too little pad printing ink, often times the ink will not “flow” in the inkcup correctly giving an inconsistent fill of the etch.  Additionally, the ink will tend to thicken much more quickly as the doktoring action of the cup allows for thinner to flash.  In cases where hardener is used, very short pot life […]