KP04 Pad Printing Machine

Tech Tip Tuesday: Advantages of Tagless Printing

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Engineered Printing Solutions has worked with numerous apparel manufacturers of T-shirts, underwear, and lingerie in developing tagless printing operations to identify brands, sizes, and care labels. Tagless labeling allows garment manufactures to print directly on the fabric – eliminating the need for sewn-in tags and the cost and labor associated with it. Direct Labeling – Fine and […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: What is the viscospatula designed to do?

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The viscospatula is deigned as a simple but efficient tool to assist you in establishing a consistent and reasonably accurate viscosity when mixing inks for use in your pad printing machinery. You will notice the five smaller holes at the wider end of the spatula. The speed at which your ink runs from the top […]

How Do I Choose The Right Industrial Inkjet Printer?

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That’s the million dollar question! (Don’t worry. It won’t cost that much.) We’ve already outlined how you might benefit from the addition of an inkjet printer, and how to justify the cost of another piece of equipment, in a previous post. Now you have to match your workload and job requirements to the right machine […]

KP16 Electro-Pneumatic Printer

Tech Tip Tuesday: When Should You Replace Your Ceramic Rings?

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More often than not, the ceramic rings do not make it to expiration of the useful production life.  The more likely scenario for replacing them tend to be mishandling.  The rings will often be set down incorrectly or dropped causing a chip in the ring that renders it unusable. If the ring is to make […]

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Maximize The Production Life of Print Heads


It is very important that whether it is an operator or maintenance that care is always taken when working with print heads. They are generally expensive and delicate. If you want to maximize the production life of print heads only trained personal should be handling them. A filtration of some sort should be used between […]

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KE16 Pad Printing Machine

Tech Tip Tuesday: What Is The Difference Between A Polymer Plate And A Thin Steel Plate?

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are two major differences between a polymer plate and a thin steel plate: Etching method. Printing Plates are etched by means of a UV exposure unit whereby a series of steps are taken to burn the image to the surface of the plate while exposing the surrounding area.  Depending on the type of polymer (alcohol or […]

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Anti-Counterfeit Packaging – A Primer

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]While there are many types of security features used in product packaging, the ‘big three’ categories are usually defined as Overt, Covert and Forensic. Overt – This type of security contains a visible feature, enabling packaging to be validated quickly and easily through visual inspection.  They are best used where the general public is a part […]

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Tools Required To Operate Pad Printing Machines

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In the traditional sense there are very few tools required to operate pad printing machines.  In most cases you will find that a single M4 Allen key will be all that you put to the machine in order to get it setup and functioning. However there are a few tools outside of formed metal that […]

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