Tech Tip Tuesday: Pad Printing – It’s All About The Pad!

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The print pad is one of (if not the) most important aspects of the pad printing process. Made from silicone rubber, it is the perfect ink transfer medium when designed, used and maintained correctly. The properly molded print pad will have the following features: Excellent adhesion Flawless Ink Detachment Perfect Ink Transfer Stability of Form […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Choosing A Mixing Cup For Pad Printing

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Before the process of pad printing begins, it is important to know what kind of cup you should (and should not) be using to mix your ink. Mixing solvents with ink is a very important part of the pad printing process, as it to enables the ink to transfer and dry quickly. However, solvents are strong chemicals […]

Industrial Printing Takes Branding to Next Level

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Industrial printing is considered by many industry experts to be the greatest advancement in the printing industry in decades, and for good reason. We are seeing the opening up of endless opportunities in the personalization, geo-customization and consumer interaction of product packaging. The ability to connect with consumers in a more personal and engaging manner […]

Tech Tip Tuesday: Why Am I Getting A Washed Out Printed Image?

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I have etched thin steel plates that are etched to about 30 microns and am using a sealed cup pad printer. I run and print 5-10 parts that look great and then the image starts becoming washed out looking with voids. If I leave the machine for a few minutes the print looks good again […]

KP07 Pad Printing Machine

Tech Tip Tuesday: Ink Leaking Over The Edge Of The Cliché

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Have you ever had ink leaking over the edge of your cliché?  You have tried to figure out the solutions and investigated the issue by taking the cup off to check if the ink was too thin. When you did that you discovered that the ink might be too thick, but you are still uncertain of what steps to take […]

KP05 Pad Printing Machine

Tech Tip Tuesday: How do you properly dispose of ink?

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Wondering how to properly dispose of ink? We dispose of bulk quantities of “used” ink with pouring it into a 55 gallon drum (for mass collection).  The drum is collected by a waste management company, contracted on a bi-weekly pickup, for disposal in compliance with Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and state regulations. […]