XE20 Pad Printing Machine

XE20 Pad Printing Machine

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The XE20 Servo Speed utilizes a Windows®-based operating system to control brushless servo-motors. This allows the operator to achieve fast and extremely accurate registration in multi-color applications.  In addition, every aspect of each individual project is stored in the PC’s memory, enabling the operator to quickly recreate recurring projects.

  • State-of-the-art controller with an “auto-learn” function, joystick control, where the operator can manually adjust pads and/or any ancillary devices to fine-tune the setup.
  • One to five color configurations.
  • Flexible electronic control of the horizontal and vertical pads movements.
  • 20Gb hard drive allows storage and recall of hundreds of jobs with all parameters.
  • The XE20 is ideal for any multiple print jobs where extremely fast changeovers are needed.
  • Ask about our unique combi made system.

Typical applications for this feature are: appliance control panels, any large print areas that can be broken into smaller print zones and larger multicolor and multi-level applications.