XE TECH 16-20 Printing Center

XE TECH 16-20 Printing Center

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The XE Tech 16-20 is the only fully automatic and computerized pad printing center. The system is controlled by a PC with highly sophisticated software that can be programmed to accommodate several printing points.  

  • Steel and aluminum construction
  • Programs can be saved and stored on the PC
  • Uses a magnetic head for pad picking with rotation possibility from 0 to 360°
  • Can access multiple artworks etched onto a single cliché
  • Brushless motors with lead nuts and ball screws on bearings, to ensure spot-on printing precision
  • One movement group with pad printing head on X/Y/Z axes with brushless servo motors and rotational head
  • Automatic pad changing from 3-5 pads
  • Automatic pad cleaning available
  • Motorized fixture support bracket
  • Built with perimeter security features

The XE TECH was designed to meet the needs of multiple surface printing, colors and pads that were managed by many units in the past. This machine can also accommodate large panels up to 1 meter x 1/2 meter.