KP08 Pad Printing Machine

KP08 Pad Printing Machine

Linear Shuttle

The KP08 is an extremely versatile pad printer with the option of printing as many as five colors with virtually no drying time.

  • Electro-pneumatic machine is suitable for automatic handling systems.
  • Easy-to-use electronic touch screen allows the operator to control many functions, such as timer delays, delay front and back, etc, as well as program auxiliary functions such as rotary tables, part shuttles, automatic drying, and pre-treatment devices.
  • The controls are via touch screen with integration of all machine movements through a high speed CPU.
  • Capable of a 3″ diameter image using up to 5 colors or 4.5″ diameter image using 3 colors or less.
  • The heavy duty construction of the pad bar unit makes for less flexing of the bar for constant print quality and better registration quality.

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