EAZY 160 Pad Printing Machine

EAZY 160 Pad Printing Machine

The EAZY 160 pad printing machine features a large diameter cup at an affordable price. Ideal for continuous duty production runs and sample production.

  • The control panel enables the operator to set speed, pickup and print strokes, continuous and/or single cycle, plus more.
  • Pneumatic operation guarantees excellent printing uniformity and independent pressure regulation on parts and cliché.
  • The cycle speed of this machine is 1,200 per hour, but operator and ink limitations allow us to realistically calculate production based on 800 to 1,000 cycles per hour.
  • The print holder table of the EAZY 160 is adjustable in all directions (X-Y-Z axes).
  • The machine is also easy to operate and require no special maintenance.
  • Ideal pad printer for textiles and all general production

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