SUPERWASH XP550 2EPS has added a larger capacity pneumatic wash unit, the SUPERWASH XP550 for cleaning sealed ink cups, plates and other printing accessories.

  • This unit has a 550mm diameter basket entirely constructed of stainless steel and it is fully pneumatic to ensure safety.
  • The XP550 unit is equipped with an active carbon filter with an exhaust device that operates before the tub is opened.
  • Washing solvent is sprayed inside the washing machine by eight high-pressure jets positioned above, below and sides into a rotating basket.
  • The XP550 also has a pneumatic timer, pressure regulator, an internal filter for the solvent and safety device on the door opening.
  • A container for recycling and recovering waste solvents is available upon request.
  • The process takes between 10 to 20 minutes of unattended operation time to clean and load the parts.

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