Exposure Units

Exposure Units

For those who need just a few plates or if you need frequent short turnaround times, etching your own plates is cost effective and speeds production time.

Exposure Units 1We offer two models; The BR25-MM that accommodates plates 250 x 350mm and the larger BR50-MM which accommodates plates 350 x 500mm. These easy-to-use semi-automatic photo-polymer plate making systems incorporate drying and curing into a separate drawers. These units are suitable for both large and small volume production.

  • Electronic timers to precisely measure the amount of exposure
  • High efficiency vacuum pump to firmly hold the photo-positive material to the cliché while exposing. This provides for higher resolutions even of half-toned images
  • The etching tank is constructed of stainless steel with a rotating magnetic plane and a thermostat to precisely control the temperature of the washing solution
  • Drawers for exposure and post-exposure UVA and separate dryer drawers with programmable drying time
  • All functions are controlled by a computer with LCD display with 10 working programs
  • Ask about the Photo Exposure Kit (offered separately)

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