BR35M Exposure Unit

BR35M Exposure Unit


BR35MBR35M is a portable, easy-to-use exposure unit suitable for both large and small volume production. Best suited for the immediate production of inexpensive clichés.

Equipped with:

  • Electronic timers to precisely measure the amount of exposure
  • High efficiency vacuum pump to firmly hold the photo-positive
    material to the cliché while exposing. This provides for higher resolutions even of half-toned images.
  • Accommodates plates up to 350 x 250mm
  • Ask about the Photo Exposure Kit (see image)

Owning an exposure unit will speed up the time it takes to go from artwork to cliché-making to printing. For those who need just a few plates or if you need frequent short turn-around times, etching your own plates is cost-effective and speeds production.