Singlepass Inkjet Printers

Singlepass Inkjet Printers

singlepass printer printing plastic puzzle toys
Singlepass inkjet printers are ideal for printing toys and other plastic parts.
singlepass printer printing bottle caps
Singlepass inkjet printers apply all colors in one pass.

As the name implies, single pass inkjet printers lay down all colors in a single pass.  This can be useful when integrating product-marking inline with manufacturing.  Although single pass inkjet printers typically have a higher initial cost, their ability to store multiple designs, combined with CMYK technology, means that changeovers are nearly instantaneous, reducing downtime and decreasing material waste.  When combined with pick-and-place automation and pre-treatment options, the possibilities are endless for high-volume industrial printers.   Single pass inkjet printers also offer the possibility of printing variable data.  Click on the videos below to see a few bespoke solutions EPS has created.

Singlepass Inkjet Printer Models


Consumables Layout 5
XD54 Industrial Inkjet Printer
  • Drop-on-demand UV-LED cured inks.
  • Continuous multi-color printing in a single pass.
  • High Quality WW+CMYK images with 4 levels of grayscale.
  • Printing speeds up to 50 inches per second.

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  • Capable of printing 45,000 bottle caps per hour.
  • High quality CMYK images using grayscale technology.
  • Product height and width application dependent.
  • 4-color integrated RIP available with variable image data.
  • Drop-on-demand InstaCure UV ink allows printing multiple colors with zero down time.
  • Fine lines and details at 14 inches per second / 360 dpi.

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puzzles printed on a singlepass inkjet printer.
These puzzles were printed in a single pass on the XD-70 industrial inkjet printer.
bottle caps printed on an XD-70.
These bottle caps were printed on the XD-70 Inkjet Printer at a rate of 14,000 caps per hour.