MD9360 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

MD9360 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The MD9360 is designed for printing complex designs on cylindrical objects at extremely high throughput rates, with up to seven colors and 21 print heads. It is ideal for decorating cups, cosmetic tubes, and other 140mm collapsible tube packaging.

  • 20 mandrels on a vertically-rotated turret actuated by a servo control indexing unit motor
  • 8 printing stations enable digital printing configuration from 70 to 210 mm
  • UV-LED pinning under each station
  • Automatic head-cleaning function
  • Optical Control for indexing and precise positioning
  • High throughput, small footprint

Part Diameter54mm – 80mm
Part Length10mm – 180mm – C model
10mm – 180mm – C model
Max. ConicityUp to + 5°
Print AreaUp to 140mm – C model
Up to 210mm – S model
Parts Per HourUp to 2000 – C model
Up to 6000 – S model

Two Different Configurations:

picture of the MD9360 Model S
Shown here: Model S.
picture of the MD9360 Model S
Shown here: MD9360 Model S
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