Cylindrical Inkjet Printers

Cylindrical Inkjet Printers

Print 800 pint glasses an hour in glorious CMYK.

Inkjet Printers in general offer unprecedented possibilities for direct-to-shape printing. Cylindrical inkjet printers are designed for printing on either flat- or taper-walled cylindrical objects such as water bottles, pint glasses and other drinkware, With our cylindrical inkjet printers below, you now have the ability to print in a full 360 degrees directly on an object in full CMYK+W, thus eliminating the step of applying a label to the object. Click on one of the machines below to learn more.


BottleJET Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

1200x900dpi in roughly 12 seconds per image (depending on image size and bottle diameter).


Print up to 800 parts per hour.

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