Industrial Inkjet Printers

Industrial Inkjet Printers

Industrial inkjet printers fall into three basic categories: flatbed printers, singlepass printers, and cylindrical inkjet printers.  Inkjet printers can print information, graphics, and even electrical circuits. Whether your interest is in decorative printing—logos or other artwork—informational (for example, printing graduation marks on medical catheters), or the newly-emerging field of functional printing, where circuit boards are printed directly onto a substrate, EPS has the solution for you.

cellphone covers
Cellphone covers printed on a flatbed inkjet printer
singlepass printer printing plastic puzzle toys
Singlepass inkjet printers are ideal for printing toys and other plastic parts.

Product-coding with industrial inkjet printers offer several advantages over traditional pad printing.  Since many colors can be accurately reproduced using cyan, magenta, yellow and black (and sometimes white), changing from one design to another does not require changing out ink cups or mixing custom colors.  Less ink is wasted as a result.  Similarly, since designs are stored digitally rather than on a cliché, changing from one design to another is as simple as pressing a few buttons.  Taken together, these two factors enable economical short-run production.

We’ve designed direct-to-shape inkjet printing machines and custom printing solutions for a wealth of Fortune 500 companies.  If you have an idea of what you are looking for, feel free to peruse our machines below and click on any of the images to learn more about that particular industrial inkjet printer, or if you are just starting to think about making the switch to industrial inkjet, you can start here: How Do I Choose the Correct Industrial Inkjet Printer?

Cylindrical inkjet printers are designed to print on cylindrical objects such as bottles and glassware.

Singlepass Inkjet Printers

As the name implies, singlepass inkjet printers make only one pass with the printheads in order to print on an object.  This can result in the ability to print a great number of parts per hour, but in order to increase the print area size you either have to add more printheads—thus increasing cost—or else you have to “stitch” together the image in a step-wise process.  With the edition of robotic automation, single-pass printers can accommodate unusually-shaped objects.

Consumables Layout 5
XD-54 Industrial Inkjet Printer

The XD-54 is a Single Pass Industrial Inkjet Printer. This “High Speed Direct-to-Shape” industrial inkjet printer is designed to provide higher throughput and better resolution.  Read More

XD-70 Singlepass Inkjet Printer
XD-70 Single-Pass Industrial Inkjet Printer

The XD-70 Industrial Inkjet Printer is ideal for multi-color printing on flat and semi-flat surfaces on a variety of substrates and can be customized to meet your printing needs.  Read More

Flatbed UV-LED Printers

Flatbed printers are also known as scanning printers, because the printheads move back and forth while building the specified resolution across the object to be printed.  Color is built up over repeated passes over the object.  With a large platen, many parts can be printed at the same time, all with the same or different images.  Variable-data printing is also available, enabling batch-coding or mass-customization.

Fjet24 Gen2 Industrial Inkjet Printer

The FJet24 Gen2 is a high-resolution, high-speed flatbed industrial inkjet printer. This 24″ printer supports single- or bi-directional CMYK + WW printing and is excellent for industrial products, medical devices, electronics, appliances and much more.  Read More

FJetXL Industrial Inkjet Printer

The fJETXL is designed to combine high-quality performance and high speed at an affordable price. The fJETXL delivers vivid colors and fine details, and at the same time, works seamlessly with professional ColorPRINT RIP and color management software.  Read More

Cylindrical Inkjet Printers

Cylindrical inkjet printing is the latest development in direct-to-object printing.  By printing directly on the object without the need for a wrap or adhesive label, cylindrical inkjet printers can save you time and money by eliminating the need for the extra step of actually applying the label to the object.

BottleJET Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

One of our stalwart machines in the direct-to-shape niche, The BottleJET Cylindrical Inkjet Printer is a multi-color, UV-LED, high-resolution industrial inkjet printer designed specifically for decorating cylindrical bottles. This solution is offered in two models; a standard model, which prints flat-walled bottles, and an adjustable model fixtured to accommodate either flat-walled or tapered bottles and cups. Read More

XD-360° Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The XD-360° is a multi-color, UV-LED, high-resolution industrial inkjet printer built specifically for decorating cylindrical objects. Prints on flat walled or tapered cups and bottles.  Synchronized printing and curing operation.  Full WW+CMYK, optional primer and varnish heads available.  Read More

MD9450 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The MD9450 has the ability to mark up to 800 parts per hour in CMYK+W at a visual resolution of 720 x 720 dpi. Varnish heads are also an option.  Read More

MD9360 Cylindrical Inkjet Printer

The MD9360 is designed for printing complex designs on cylindrical objects at extremely high throughput rates, with up to seven colors and 21 print heads. It is ideal for decorating cups, cosmetic tubes, and other 140mm collapsible tube packaging.  Read More

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