Singlepass Inkjet Printers

As the name implies, singlepass inkjet printers make only one pass with the printheads in order to print on an object. This can result in the ability to print a great number of parts per hour. In order to increase the print area size you either have to add more printheads or else you have to “stitch” together the image in a step-wise process. By using robotic automation, singlepass printers can accommodate unusually-shaped objects. We also design and build machines that are completely customized, using the latest in digital inkjet technology and automation to meet your needs.

XD Series Singlepass Inkjet Printers

Typical Configuration:

  • CMYK+WW print heads
  • Varnish heads available
  • Extended Color Gamut (CMYK+OGV) available
  • Four levels of greyscale
  • Corona, Flame, or Plasma Pretreatment available
  • Drop-on-demand InstaCure UV ink allows printing multiple colors with zero down time
  • Custom Part-Loading & Unloading
  • Throughput Speed: up to 50″/second