CNC Automation

CNC Automation

Our automation solutions include bulk loading and unloading, optical and laser sensing and positioning, conveying, robotic pick-and-place, custom software applications (including digital image processing and remote diagnostics), plus a variety of pre- and post-treatment options including corona treating, flaming, UV curing and infrared conveyor ovens.

CNC Automation

Some of our automation products include:


Grinding Wheel Printer


  • Fully automatic printing system that loads and off-loads from one stack and after printing re-stacking
  • Each station has a detection status
  • This system is set-up to print up to four colors, but available to print a number of colors.

XE TECH 16-20

Excellent for decorating large items in multi-color and image areas such as large appliance panel and automobile parts. This machine eliminates the need for multiple printing operations and simplifies the decorating process.

  • Fully automatic and computerized pad printing center
  • Brushless servo-motors for control of the X-Y-Z axes
  • Fourth axis can be added to control the rotation of the pad
  • Simple software capable of self-learning the points in which the image is picked up and deposited
  • Can be programmed to choose between 5 different style pads that are automatically selected
  • This machine has six ceramic sealed cups: two with 160mm and four with 130mm
  • Maximum part size that can be decorated is 36″ x 30″
  • Programmable pad cleaning system available

Automated Bottle Cap Printer

A bowl-fed printing system for printing on bottle caps at a production rate of 6,000 parts per hour.

  • Parts are fed from bowl feeder into a flame-treating station, then placed on cartridges stationed on a rotary turntable which carries the caps through the printer
  • The parts go under a hot air dryer for post-treatment  and travel to an off-load chute.
  • Dual bowl feeder process 16 caps at a time
  • Production rate of approximately 15,000 parts per hour

Linear Automated Block Printer

Prints two blocks at once, then flips the block over to print the opposite side.

  • Equipped with automatic loading, pre-treating and automatic off-loading station
  • System is controlled via mobile CPU with numeric touchpad
  • Automatic loading device loads blocks into fixtures
  • Pick-and-Place device off-loads parts to a conveyor line

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