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Pad printing can be used on many different types of cosmetic items, such as: lotions, perfume bottles, compacts, lipstick tubes, etc.

Print single or multi-color logos, contents and usage information on both sides of the container, eliminating the need for expensive labels.

Advantages of Pad Printing

Ink Savings: Pad printing transfers only a few microns of ink needed to print an image. No labels – less shipping weight. Money saved!


Flexibility: The pad can mold itself around the substrate getting into normally hard-to-reach places. This is especially useful in an industry of with such varying contours to its products.


Durability: Our inks are tested for durability by using standard adhesion protocols like tape and hatch tests, and can be post treated to maintain color fastness in outdoor environments.

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Multicolor Print Speed: Since a thin layer of ink is deposited on the substrate, a second, third or fourth color can be printed immediately, no need for a drying station between layers of color.


Precision: Minimal amount of ink required
allows for extremely fine and precise images,
ideal for product decorating.


Custom Automation: Inline pre and post treatment, on-and off-loading, plus packaging systems available.

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Looking for a custom printing solution for your cosmetic industry product? Let’s talk!


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