Pad Print Consumables

Engineered Printing Solutions offers a complete line of consumables such as:

  • Inks
  • Thinners
  • Pre-Treatment Systems
  • Primers
  • Gloves
  • Viscose Spatulas

Pad Printing Inks

Here at Engineered Printing Solutions, we offer a full range of printing inks capable of meeting any specific need or print result. The following
considerations in sequence are followed in choosing pad printing ink:

  • type of material to be printed
  • surface characteristics
  • brightness degree
  • drying requirements
  • special requirements concerning mechanical or chemical resistance.

Pad Printing Pads

EPS carries all commonly used pads—cylindrical, rectangular pads, linear printing pads, compound, as well as MARKEM® pads. If you do not see the shape you need, we have a full pad department that will custom design and manufacture the pad for your application. The pad base can vary in thickness and is not included in the pad height dimension.

Printing Plates

We have several types of printing plates for different applications and production runs. Note: Cost of plates includes hole punching. Quantity discounts are available. Average turn around of 24 hours on receipt of artwork.

Ceramic Ink Cups

Constructed with strong but light anodized aluminum body fitted with standard wall cubic zirconia ring. Ceramic ink cups and replacement cups include “O” rings. Use this Printable Area Chart to determine which cup to order.