PLT4 is an epoxy-based two-component ink.

plt4 colors

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PLT4 printing ink is a two-component series ink that is dust dry in about 20 seconds. This ink has a high gloss with very good opacity, it is trouble free and easy to work with. The ink has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. PLT4 inks contain certain aggressive solvents and care should be taken during preparation. PLT4 printing inks are not suitable for constant outdoor applications.


This ink is particularly suited for printing on cellulose acetate and thermosetting materials. Especially glass reinforced polyesters, epoxide-reinforced parts, pheno- and amoniplasts, polycarbonates, acetic resins (post-treated) and polypropylene and polyethylene (pre-treated). Good results on glass, metal and painted surfaces (both epoxy and powder coated).


PLT4 has an excellent resistance to many organic solvents, chemical products and diluted acids.

Flash Point

Above 48° C.


As a two-component ink series, PLT4 should be mixed with PLH hardener and PLTA thinner before use. Mix in a ratio of 4 parts ink to 1 part hardener. It is recommended that the mixed ink be allowed to rest for 10 minutes before printing. Thin to appropriate viscosity after adding hardener. In warm climates and in the presence of fine details or screened images the use of PLTD Retarder in a small percentage is recommended.

Pot Life

The life of the mixed ink is 8-10 hours after which the mechanical-chemical resistance and adhesion decrease. This is also dependent on room temperature and ratio of solvent.


An excessive dilution causes a loss of coverage, smudges and incomplete ink transfer from the pad.

Drying and Hardening

Generally the following drying times are applicable:
Air drying at 68° F: 10-15 Minutes touch testing, adhesion testing at 68° F: 24 hours. Full curing: 5-6 days.  Heat drying at 175° F: according to substrate resistance Approx. 1 – 2 minutes, touch testing when it cools down,  Full curing: 5-6 days. 

Please note drying times are substrate specific.

Range of Colors

PLT4 is available in 22 standard colors as well as 7 fluorescent & metallic shades. Mixing colors are available. PLT4 has a high light fastness equivalent to 7- 8 rating on the DIN 16525. PLT4 TP matte paste can be added to adjust standard colors to semi-gloss shades.

Process Color Printing

PLT4 inks are available in process colors PLT4 #180 Yellow, PLT4 #181 Magenta, and #182 Cyan.


PLTEBD Cleaner is recommended.


PLT4 has a shelf life of about 2 years. Storage containers should be sealed and placed in a cool and dry place. PLH Hardener should not be stored for long periods. The cans should be closed immediately after use, otherwise the hardener will take on moisture and become thick and ineffective.


Polyethylene and polypropylene needs to be pre-treated either by flaming or corona treating.