PLT33 is an acrylic-based one- or two-component ink.

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PLT33 is a single-component ink. It has a semi-gloss appearance and has excellent covering power and quick drying.


Particularly suited for printing on Polypropylene.


Good resistance to alcohol and perspiration on hands.

Flash Point

Higher than 43° C.


Thin and mix well with PLTA thinner in a portion of 10-20% maximum. Use PLP2 adhesion promoter in a ratio of 10-15%.
In warm climates and in the presence of fine details or screened images, the use of PLTD retarder in a small percentage is recommended.
If used as a two-component ink, PLT33 can be mixed with PLH hardener in a ratio of 10 parts ink to 1 part hardener.

Pot Life

Excessive dilution generates a loss of the covering power, smudges and an imperfect detachment of the ink from the pad. An insufficient dilution causes problems of drawing the ink from the cliché, printing repeatability and dripping of the ink with a consequent decline of the printing quality.
The life of the two-component mixed ink is 8-10 hours depending on room temperature and ratio of solvent(s).

Drying and Hardening

The drying time lasts between 1 and 2 minutes at an ambient temperature of about 20xC. If you would like it to dry in only a few seconds, you can use hot air circulation ovens (60-80 b xC) or high temperature spot devices (air or infrared rays) that can be installed on the piece feeding systems (e.g. rotary tables, conveyors, etc.). The ink is completely hardened after 24 hours.

Range of Colors

Consult the Ink Color chart of matt hues that includes a selection of 14 standard colors plus 3 three color shades. All of the color shades can be mixed with each other. Upon request; special sample colors, metallic gold and silver shades are ready for use.

Process Color Printing

PLT33 inks are available in transparent colors PLT33 #180 Yellow, PLT33 #181 Magenta and PLT33 #182 Cyan.


PLTEBD Cleaner is recommended.


PLT33 has a shelf life of about 2 years. Storage containers should be sealed and placed in a cool dry place.
PLH hardener should not be stored for long periods. The cans should be closed immediately after use, otherwise the hardener will be come thick and useless.


PLH Hardener PLTA Thinner PLTD Retarder PLP2 Adhesion Promoter


Shelf life Ink Additives Chartfor ink and additives.