plt13 Silicone Ink

plt13 Silicone Ink

PLT13 is a two-component ink for printing on silicone rubber.

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formulated with a mixture of specific silicon substances; glossy appearance, it maintains flexibility at temperatures from -50 to 200° C; excellent elasticity, soft touch even if applied to high thickness systems, good opacity. Overprintable with same ink only. Good outdoor resistance, good solidity to chemicals. Non-toxic ink (NT) conforms to European regulations EN 71/part 3 and European Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS 2).


All kinds of silicon materials, tissues and non-slip socks.


Good abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to alcohol. Recommended for outdoor use. It has a very good resistance to light with a 6 to 8 DIN solidity.

To increase the mechanical and chemical resistance or adherence to the support, the ink can be used as a dual-component by adding the special PLHN catalyst in a 10:1 ratio (10 parts ink and 1 part catalyst).Mix and strongly dilute the ink by using the PLA thinner in the measure of max. 10-20%.

Flash Point

Above 48° C.


Add 3% of PLH13 catalyst. Ink is ready to use but, if necessary, use the PLB thinner from 5 to 10%.

Pot Life

Excessive dilution generates a loss of the covering power, smudges and an imperfect detachment of the ink from the pad. An insufficient dilution causes problems of drawing the ink from the cliché, printing repeatability and dripping of the ink with a consequent decline of the printing quality. The catalyzed ink must be consumed within 6-8 hours or afterwards it gradually loses its mechanical-chemical resistance and its ability to adhere to the support.

Drying and Hardening

The PLT13 ink dries and polymerizes only if inserted in the oven at temperatures of 160 °C for about 3-5 minutes or 130 °C for about 6-7 minutes.

Range of Colors

All of the color shades can be mixed with each other. Upon request:

–   special sample colors

–   metallic gold and silver shades ready for use.


Lifetime of about 2 years (1 year if metallic). Conditions for preservation: the package must be sealed tight and put in a dry and cool space. PLT13 ink series storage must not exceed 30 degrees. If exposed for a long time at temperatures in excess, increase of viscosity or gelation problems may occur.


PLB   fast  thinner.

PLH13 hardener.

Puffing additive paste up to 3%

PLDL solvent.