Ink Consumables

Ink Consumables

Storage Containers

In various sizes for storing single-component ink for future use.

#41738KY – 2 oz. plastic jar with cap

#41740KY – 4 oz. plastic jar with cap

#41744KY – 8 oz. plastic jar with cap

#1200-1100 – 1 quart can with lid

Mixing Cups

#BAR4 – 200 gm plastic mixing cup with lid

Squeeze Bottles

Plastic bottles with capped squirt nozzle tip used for thinners and solvents.

Available in two sizes: #SPZ103 – 8 oz. squeeze bottle

#SPZ105 – 16 oz. squeeze bottle

Kerodex® 10 Ink Barrier Hand Cream

Ink resistant hand cream.

Rub hands well before working with ink. The barrier cream helps ink release from the skin during cleanup.

#HANDCREAM – 10 oz. tube

Latex Gloves

Box of lightly powdered extra large latex gloves. (Other sizes available by special order)

#XL-23952 – 100-count

Task Wipes

Low lint, single use wipes.

#KC-WIPE – 280 per box

Shop Wipes

Durable blue Wypall Towels.

#WKC-41041 – Roll of 150

#WKC-41043 – Roll of 475

Primer Wipe

This primer wipe can be applied directly to difficult-to-print surfaces, especially polyolefins: polypropylene and polyethylene, prior to printing, to promote adhesion of ink.

Typically applied via cloth or sponge applicator, PW3 is often used as an alternate to flame or corona/plasma pre-treatment.  It dries quickly after contact.

As with any surface additive, we recommend testing prior to production use.

#PW3 / One liter

#PW3-G / One Gallon

#PW3-G5 / 5 Gallons


The viscospatula is a slotted measuring device used to check ink viscosity prior to printing. It is simple, but efficient tool to achieve consistent and accurate ink viscosity when mixing inks.

When dipped into a prepared mixture, the ink flows down from the spatula from the first hole to the fifth at a measurable rate – thus allowing adjustments to the ink’s thickness.

Click here for the “Viscospatula Use Instructions”.

Ink Spatula

Stainless steel blade with wooden handle. Used to remove ink from cans as well as mixing inks.