PLT9 is an acrylic-based one- or two-component ink.

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PLT9 is a one- or two-component ink that has a high-gloss finish with very good opacity.


Particularly suited for printing on ABS, SAN, polycarbonate PC, rigid PVC, polyamide PA, polymethylmethacrylate PMMA, polypropylene and polyethylene (pre-treated). Good results are also obtained on painted surfaces, wood, paper, polyester, polyurethane and polyacetal (post-treated).


Excellent resistance to previously mentioned materials. If used as a two-component ink the mechanical and chemical resistance is excellent and increases its adhesion.

Flash Point

Above 48° C.


Thin and mix well the PLT9 ink with PLTA Thinner in a portion of 10-20% max. In warm climates and in the presence of fine details or screened images the use of PLTD Retarder in a very small percentage is recommended. If the achievement of the major mechanical or chemical resistance or a higher adhesion is required, the ink can be used also as a two-component ink series. PLT9 can be mixed with hardener PLH in a ratio of 10 parts ink to 1 part hardener.

Pot Life

An excessive dilution causes a loss of coverage, smudges and incomplete ink detachment from the pad. A poor dilution may cause problems withdrawing ink from the cliché obtaining a repetitive print quality and avoiding the “dripping” of the same ink with lower print quality
The life of the mixed ink is 8-10 hours after which the mechanical-chemical resistance and adhesion decrease.

Drying and Hardening

Generally the following drying times are applicable:
Air drying at 68° F: 20-30 seconds Heat drying at 175° F: Approx. 3 -5 minutes Full curing at 68° F: 24 hours

Items can be packed right after drying, however, curing may take up to 12 hours at room temperature. Chemical resistance tests should not be made for at least 72 hours. At that point PLT9 inks are alkai-proof and solvent-resistant. The final hardening of the ink is obtained after 24 hours.

Please note drying times are substrate specific.

Range of Colors

PLT9 is available in 30 standard colors. PLT9 has a very good light resistance with a fastness equivalent to 7-8 rating DIN. PLT9 inks are adjusted for printing with PLTA Thinner, PLTCAN Fast Thinner, and PLTD Retarder for printing fine detail.

Process Color Printing

PLT9 inks are available in transparent colors PLT9 #180 Yellow, PLT9 #181 Magenta, and PLT9 #182 Cyan.


PLTEBD Cleaner is recommended.


PLT9 has a shelf life of about 2 years. Storage containers should be sealed and placed in a cool dry place.

PLH hardener should not be stored for long periods. The cans should be closed immediately after use, otherwise the hardener will be come thick and useless.