Closed System Ring Cups

Closed System Ring Cups

ring cups collection
Constructed with strong but light anodized aluminum body fitted with standard wall cubic zirconia ring.Ceramic ring cups and replacement cups include “O” rings.  Use this Printable Area Chart to determine which cup to order.


INKCUP-P – Ink Cup Pressure Spring Screw “threaded”

06-1160 – Ink Cup Pressure Screw (1/4 turn) Bayonet style

Closed System Ring Cups 1


#60- CUP-SS – 60mm with single-sided ceramic ring

#60-CUP-DS – 60mm with double-sided ceramic ring

Closed System Ring Cups 2


#90- CUP-SS – 90mm with single-sided ceramic ring

#90-CUP-DS – 90mm with double-sided ceramic ring

Closed System Ring Cups 3


#110-CUP-SS – 110mm with single-sided ceramic ring

#110-CUP-DS – 110mm with double-sided ceramic ring


#130-CUP-SS – 130mm with single-sided ceramic ring

#130-CUP-DS – 130mm with double-sided ceramic ring


#200-CUP-SS – 200mm with single-sided ceramic ring

#200-CUP-DS – 200mm with double-sided ceramic ring


#250-CUP-SS – 250mm with single-sided ceramic ring

#250-CUP-DS – 250mm with double-sided ceramic ring

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