PLT272 is and acrylic-based one-component ink.

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PLT272 is a one-component ink with high gloss and excellent opacity. Gloss varies somewhat with substrate and color.


Particularly suited for printing on thermo plastics, polymethacrylates, i.e. Perspex, Plexiglass, restart glass, rigid and plasticized PVC, cellulose acetobutyrate, and various types of polystyrene and polycarbonate.


PLT272 has good resistance to the products mentioned above.

Flash Point

Above 43 degrees C.


Thin and mix well with PLTA thinner in a portion of 10-20% maximum.
In warm climates and in the presence of fine details or screened images, the use of PLTD retarder in a small percentage is recommended.

Pot Life

An excessive dilution causes a loss of coverage, smudges and incomplete ink detachment from the pad. A poor dilution may cause problems withdrawing ink from the cliché obtaining a repetitive print quality and avoiding the “dripping” of the same ink with lower print quality.

Drying and Hardening

Generally the following drying times are applicable:
Air drying at 68° F: 20-30 seconds Heat drying at 175° F: Approx. 3 -5 minutes Full curing at 68° F: 24 hours
The final hardening of the ink is obtained after 5 days. Please note drying times are substrate specific.

Range of Colors

PLT272 is available in 24 standard shades as well as 3 transparent, four-color process shades. PLT272 inks are adjusted for printing with PLTA Thinner, PLTCAN Fast Thinner, and PLTD Retarder for printing fine detail.

Process Color Printing

PLT272 inks are available in transparent colors PLT272 #180 Yellow, PLT272 #181 Magenta and PLT272 #182 Cyan.


PLTEBD Cleaner is recommended.


PLT272 has a shelf life of about 2 years. Storage containers should be sealed and placed in a cool dry place.