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Engineered Printing Solutions was founded by Julian Joffe in 1985. Julian’s original vision for the company focused on attaining perfection in Customer Service and Satisfaction. In the quest for that goal, we are driven to become partners with our customers to create machines that satisfy their requirements 100%. Our performance toward our goal has enabled dramatic growth for our company.

Twenty years ago, we set up shop in what had been, during the fifties and sixties, the sole movie theater in picturesque Manchester, VT. As we grew in both number of employees and amount of machines we were building at any given point in time, we began to suffer a terminal case of claustrophobia. In 2003, we moved into a new 22,500 square foot building located in East Dorset, VT, just five miles north of our cramped original quarters.


We continue to grow with new product offerings and have led the pad printing industry with such breakthrough innovations as the ability to print on medical devices as small as .004 inch to our seven-color industrial digital ink jet printer. The Engineered Printing Solutions team includes a full engineering and software development team, in total, 40 highly skilled and motivated individuals.


In pursuing our goal of perfection in Customer Service and Satisfaction, we are constantly pushing the envelope, discovering more and more ways to seamlessly incorporate pad printing into the customer manufacturing process.


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