Sales Department

Sales Department

Sales Department 2Listening, Researching & Educating – From your first phone call through the development of the machine, acceptance testing, shipping, and on-site training, our Sales Engineers will guide you through the process. Our approach begins by asking the right questions, carefully listening to properly interpret your project requirements and researching all of the alternatives to ensure that we provide the answers that lead you to the most effective solution.

Sales Department 5As we proceed further into the process we act as your advocate insuring your equipment is being built to your specifications. Our experienced team of Sales Engineers will help you make decisions that are best suited to your application. If we think something just won’t work we will be upfront & tell you. When you’re successful, we know we’ve done our jobs.

Our stated mission: The EPS Sales force will conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, and professionalism in their pursuit to partner with customers in providing digital and pad printing solutions that will benefit their productivity and bottom line.

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