Medical Devices & Parts

Since 1985, we have been working closely with medical device manufacturers and their outsourcing medical devicespartners in developing new techniques and custom automation for difficult-to-mark products.

Our 360° catheter printers can print multiple colors and markings on the outer circumference of catheters or tubes as long as 1600mm in length and as narrow as .025".  We've also custom designed pad and inkjet printers for test strip materials, specimen trays, optical lenses, several types and sizes of syringes with in-line pre-and post-treatment devices along with full automation capabilities.

Catheter Printers

Our engineering team can custom design a catheter orprinting on catheters
tube pad printer with a vacuum bed up to 1600mm in length.

Also available is a newly designed programmable two-axis servo-driven pad printer for marking on multiple sized width and length tubes.

The Z-axis servo (vertical stroke) allows various diameter tubes sizes to be programmed along with the appropriate stroke depth. This eliminates the need to manually reset the table depth each time a different diameter tube is ready for printing.

Custom Automation

Standard pad and inkjet printers can be customized custom automated printers
with automated devices including bulk loading,
pre-treatment and auto-on / off-loading.

Custom Pads

Custom pads are available in any length, size and shape. Custom PadsWe carry all the commonly used pads - plus we have a full pad department that will custom design and manufacture a pad for specific application.


Class VI - Medical Grade Inks

  • Two different inks in three colors have been certified for medical use by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  • If you have a custom ink application, we can help you through the certification process.

Available Features Include:

  • Single cycle 360° catheter printers up to 1600mm length
  • Cupslide for full length printing
  • Adjustable vacuum controlled table
  • Auto-load and off-load devices are fully programmable through the touch screen panel
  • High speed syringe printers, also available with rotary printing head
  • Bowl feeders custom designed specifically for the part and flows directly into the print production line
  • Automatic Picker - auto-load and off-load devices are fully programmable
  • Integrated vision inspection
  • In-line corona device pre-treatment using plasma discharge 
  • Print cells with part assembly options