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If you print on objects as fragile as shortbread cookies, precision print on a tiny neonatal catheter or print a warning label on the lid of a washing machine, we pride ourselves in finding workable, cost-effective solutions where others shrug their shoulders and say it can’t be done.

Take a look at the different Market areas to see how we helped our customers achieve their pad printing goals:


Innovative printing solutions for medical applications.


Control panels, knobs, switches, dials, panels, household appliances & more


Circuit boards, multi-layer membrane switches, touch-key applications using conductive ink.

Sporting Goods

Baseball helmets, sports balls, skate boots & wheels, promotional sporting goods.


Fuse boxes, switch for dashboard components, manifold components, levers and more.

Power Tools & Parts

Equipment housings, saw blades, sanding disks

Promotional / Specialty

Personalized logos on pens, rulers, stress balls, mugs, bottles, golf balls, key lights, etc.


Shampoo, lipstick and cosmetic containers, compacts, nail appliques

Textile / Apparel

Tagless size labeling, decorative emblems, baseball caps

Safety Equipment

Safety helmets, protective eyewear, gloves


Toy cars, trains, doll eyes, puzzles

Health & Pharmaceuticals

Replacing laser marking on eye contacts, pill identification marks, bandages and support braces