Pad Department

You don't have to buy your Pad Printing Machine from one company and get your consumables from another. 

At Engineered Printing Solutions, we have all the commonly used pads—cylindrical, square, linear, or compound and we'll custom design and manufacture your pad if your job requires it.

The pad is made with special silicone rubber with the following characteristics:
  • Excellent absorption and detachment of the ink; perfect transposition of the image to be printed
  • Tear strength and resistance to solvents and inks; pad long life
  • Hardness and form stability; possibility of being used several times
  • Easy to be cleaned; quick maintenance

The choice of the pad depends on many elements, including the following:

  • Shape of the printing surface: flat or uneven
  • Dimension of the printing surface: printing area
  • Type of printing surface: smooth, rough, etc.
  • Number of the colors to be printed

These elements determine the pad's size, shape and hardness (expressed in durometer). Our pads are available in durometer ranges between 10 and 80.


  • The size of the pad depends on the printing surface.
  •  It is necessary to use pads whose dimensions are at least 20% greater than the printing area.