Flush Rigs By Pantheon Systems

Preventative Maintenance

The ideal solution for printhead recovery and cleaning.

Engineered Printing Solutions (EPS) has been selected as the exclusive North American distributor of the Pantheon Systems Limited Portable Flush Rig. This in-field 1st stage print head recovery and cleaning system was co-developed and is fully approved by Xaar. These portable, easy to use preventative maintenance rigs integrate carefully designed pulsed pressure wave cycles to create controlled hydraulic turbulence.

These systems provide the optimum opportunity to dislodge even the most stubborn material without damaging the printhead. This unique solution provides available preset jetting process that eliminates the risk of damage often caused by alternative cleaning methods such as ultrasonic. The portable carry case is self-contained enclosing an exceptionally high quality stainless steel interior and component set, resistant to the approved flush chemicals. The flexible switch mode power supply feature ensures compatibility in all countries. There are pre-programmed flushing sequences to suit each individual printhead model.

The system is suitable for use with all ink types (UV, water-based, oil-based, ceramic, solventbased). The Pantheon Flush Rig removes the cost associated with unnecessarily returning the printheads to the manufacturer as blocked nozzles can frequently be cleaned and recovered on-site. Pantheon Systems portable flush system supports all Xaar model print heads and is also available for the Dimatix SG1024, as well as the Kyocera KJ4 Series. Pantheon Systems Limited are an innovative designer and manufacturer of ancillary items for the inkjet printing industry. They continue to develop new flush rig models designed for other popular inkjet printhead make/models.

Supported Printheads

XAAR Flush Rigs

Xaar 1001, Xaar 1002, Xaar Proton, Xaar UPH/XJ760...see all

Clone 8898 XAAR Flush Rigs

Xaar 1001, Xaar 1002, Xaar Proton, Xaar UPH/XJ760...see all

Clone 8105 XAAR Printheads

Xaar 1001, Xaar 1002, Xaar Proton, Xaar UPH/XJ760...see all