Catheter Pad Printers

KP08 Servo Driven Catheter Pad Printer

Our engineering team redesigned a standard KP08 cupslide pad printer with both Z- and Y-axis servo drives. The new design has numerous advantageous over previous cupslide printer design.

Advantages over previous design:

  • The servo pad movements allow various diameter tubes sizes to be programmed along with the appropriate stroke depth.
  • Z axis pad servo eliminates the need to manually reset the table depth each time a different diameter tube is ready for printing.
  • The table fixture is now simplified with the addition of the Y-axis servo (front to back stroke).
  • There is no longer a need for a shuttle catheter bed to roll the tube. The pad now has the forward motion.
  • Also, the pads are mounted on a slide to easily change and adjust pad positioning for multiple marking requirements.
  • This printer is equipped with a servo cupslide which allows you to use 200, 400, 600, 800, and 1,000mm length plates.
  • The bed has an adjustable vacuum control to provide ample suction for holding each tube diameter and length.
  • Plus the positioning of the pad for pad cleaning is controllable.

The addition of the servo controlled Y and Z axes, the diameter of the part as well as part length can be programmed. This allows for faster product changes and reduces setup time by as much as 90%, plus increased production speed of at least 15%.