Printing Ink

Pad printing ink must contain a high pigment percentage and a faster solvent mixture in order to yield a stable adhesion and constant print quality. No other printing system is so versatile as pad printing for a variety of items and surfaces that can be printed. Here at Engineered Printing Solutions we offer a full range of printing inks capable of meeting any specific need or print result. The following considerations in sequence are followed in choosing pad printing ink:

  • type of material to be printed
  • surface characteristics
  • brightness degree
  • drying requirements
  • special requirements concerning mechanical or chemical resistance.
To help with the choice of printing ink according to your printing requirements, every ink has a specific range of mono- and bi-component with corresponding additives (see Inks & Materials Table). There is a range of basic colors which can be blended with one another. The Technical Service department at Engineered Printing Solutions is at your complete disposal to assist you on the choice of the printing ink and ink adhesion testing for your application. Please contact


Good results on nylon and powder coated surfaces.


Glass, ceramics, filled nylon, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


Rubber, natural or synthetic textile fiber.


Used on a broad range of plastics.


Print on a broad range of clear plastics and metals.


For printing on Polypropylene materials.


For printing on Plexiglas, PVC and thermo plastics.


Painted surfaces, leather, wood, polystyrene and PVC.

Class VI - Medical

Four ink choices medically certified.

Class I - Topical Use

Certified inks for topical use.

Color Matching System

PMS© Mixing Ink System - ideal for shorter production runs.

Ink Additives

Hardener, thinner, retarder, anti-static and clean-up solvents

Ink Consumables

Full line of everyday ink consumables.

Ceramic Ring Cups

Closed ink cup system.

Oval Ceramic Ring Cups

Longer image area without the need for a cupslide.

"O" Rings

Replacement "O" Rings.

Ink Saver-Ring

A ink saving device to use with low ink volume