Custom Solutions

More than just printing machines, Engineered Printing Solutions excels in both the pad printing and designing automation capabilities.

We will work with you to assess your existing operations and provide cost effective ways to efficiently process your products. Starting with your idea for in-line or cellular manufacturing product marking and decorating, our engineering and software development teams will design and build the ideal system for your needs.

Our custom automation solutions include bulk loading and unloading, optical & laser sensing and positioning, part conveying, robotic pick-and-place, custom software applications (including digital image processing and remote diagnostics), plus a variety of pre- and post-treatment options including corona treating, flaming, UV curing and infrared conveyor ovens.

Click here to see an example of one of our Custom Solutions.

XE Robot

The XE-Robot is a multi-faceted robotic pad printing work station.

Bowl Feeders

This system can be added into an inline production process.

Rotary Pad Printer

Print 360° on syringes, dials, bottle caps, wine corks, etc.

CNC Automation

Hands-free production

Pre-Treatment Conveyor Flamer

The Pre-Treatment Conveyor Flamer can be added to a standard single pass inkjet platform or purchased as a standalone system.

Pick & Place Systems

A device for automatic loading and unloading of parts.

Pad Printing with Robotics

Custom solutions using a robotic system for on- or off-loading

Coin Printers

Five color pad printers for coins and medals.

Custom Fixtures

Custom fixtures can be designed to meet any application.

Custom Conveyors

Custom in-line part carrying systems.

3D Production System

Take 3D-CAD designs directly into a product-grade thermoplastic parts