Ancillary Products

To complete your pad printing job set-up, Engineered Printing Solutions offers a complete line of pad printing accessories. From conveyors to dryers, flamers to washers, we offer everything you are likely to need to make certain your pad printing job runs smoothly.


Rotary Table

Used primarily in automated applications.

Linear Shuttle

4 stations (up to 6 stations)

Elliptical Conveyors

12 stations for 4 colors, 14 stations for 5 colors, 16 stations for 6 colors

Linear Conveyors

Available in various sizes to meet specific automation needs.

Optional Devices

Pad Cleaning

Automatic pad cleaning available for all Comec machines.

Independent Pads

Each pad is able to move up and down independently.


Print on longer objects up to 1,100mm in length.

Pad Shuttle

Part remains stationary and the pads move for 2 or more colors.


Pre-treatment device using a plasma discharge.


Pretreatment for plastics available in-line, stand-alone or conveyor units.

Master Flow

Hot-air device that can mounted within a machine enclosure.

Hot Wind 300

Stand-alone drying unit.

Hot Wind 200

Fixed adjustable air nozzles mounted to the machine.

Pick and Place

A device for automatic loading and unloading of parts.

Plate Making

Clean Air 300

Air filtration system with combination filters.

RapidFire Cliché Maker

Digital-to-plate laser cliché maker.

Film Positive System

System for pad print or screen print operations.


Accommodates plates
up to 500 x 350mm


Accommodates plates
up to 350 x 250mm

Dryers & Infrared Drying Tunnels


Conveyor drying chamber for post-treatment.


Infrared oven with a metal mesh conveyor belt and variable speed by DC motor


Infrared oven with a Teflon belt and variable speed by DC motor.

UV-300 Ultraviolet

A compact UV-Conveyor oven system.

Washing Units


Compact washing unit.


Pneumatic washing unit.


Large capacity pneumatic washing unit.